Choose the Callen-Lorde Pharmacy

Support Your Health and Your Community: Choose the Callen-Lorde Pharmacy 

Members of the Callen-Lorde community can contribute to the ongoing support and services we provide to you and our community by choosing Callen-Lorde’s Pharmacies to fill their prescriptions. 

The Impact of Your Choice 

In recent years, the landscape of healthcare and pharmacy revenue has changed, making it more crucial than ever for our community to band together. By choosing Callen-Lorde Pharmacy for your medication needs, you’re playing a direct role in sustaining our health center’s ability to offer comprehensive and compassionate care. 

Why Choose the Callen-Lorde Pharmacy? 

  • Convenience: Fill your prescriptions seamlessly at the same place you receive your care. 
  • Expertise: Our pharmacists are experts in LGBTQ+ healthcare, ready to assist with any questions. 
  • Support: Every prescription filled with us directly supports our mission to provide essential services to you and others in our community. 

How to Transfer Your Prescriptions 

Transferring your prescriptions is simple! Simply update your preferred pharmacy to one of the Callen-Lorde Pharmacies.

Instructions Below!
How to Update Your Preferred Pharmacy in MyChart
Select Your Preferred Pharmacy when Requesting Refills

Don’t have MyChart? Give us a call at (877) 436-3452 and we’ll handle the rest. 

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Together, we can ensure a strong and healthy future for our community.