Sexual Health Clinic

Callen-Lorde emphasizes sexual healthcare as part of your basic healthcare regimen. We offer sex-positive, safe and supportive prevention and screening for sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) for our patients as well as walk-in testing and treatment for STIs to people who are not patients.

Services offered through the Sexual Health Clinic include:

  • Screening for STIs (i.e., gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and hepatitis A and B without symptoms
  • Diagnosis and treatment for STIs for patients with known exposure
  • Diagnosis and treatment for symptomatic STIs
  • Prevention education and risk reduction counseling to minimize risk for STIs and HIV
  • Comprehensive PrEP and PEP services
  • HIV counseling and testing during your STI screening visit. Click here to learn more about HIV testing.

If Callen-Lorde is closed or you are unable to come into the clinic, the NYC Department of Health has testing available at sites throughout Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. Anyone can walk in to these clinics, even if you are uninsured or can’t pay for your services. You can find a clinic near you by going here: