Transgender Health

Callen-Lorde provides an affirming environment where patients can receive hormone therapy as well as engage in an ongoing relationship with a primary care provider and/or a mental health provider to address the full spectrum of health and wellness needs.

Callen-Lorde also provides Care Coordination tailored for patients that need additional support. Our Care Coordinators offer information, assistance and referrals regarding benefits and entitlements, including insurance, housing, and referrals to other supportive services.

Trans Health Services include:

  • Primary Care
  • Chest/Breast Health
  • Hormone Care
  • Pelvic Wellness Exams; PAP Tests
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Screenings & Treatment
  • HIV/AIDS Testing, Treatment & Prevention, including PrEP and PEP
  • Harm Reduction Counseling
  • Care Coordination

Trans Health Resources


A digital resource map for people of Transgender, Non-binary and/or Intersex experience living in New York City, brought to you by Callen-Lorde.

Surgery Coordination

Learn about Callen-Lorde’s surgery navigation processes.

Safer Binding and Tucking

Binding and tucking are just two ways that TGNB people may choose to use to aid in their gender expression. Learn the do’s and dont’s in our helpful brochure series.


Finding your Voice

Interested in changing how you sound to affirm your gender expression? Download our helpful brochure.


Sexual Pleasure & Health Resource Guide for Transmen who have Sex with Men

Ways to be an Ally

A free resource trans/non-binary allies.

Pronouns Matter!

Callen-Lorde offers many resources to our TGNB clients and staff including pronoun stickers accessible at every front desk. Check out our video highlighting the Pronouns Matter campaign and see how the use of a person’s correct pronoun can lead to a more welcoming, safe and respectful atmosphere for everyone.