Women’s Health

The Women’s Health Program at Callen-Lorde offers empowering, non-judgmental, body-positive healthcare in an open and welcoming environment. Our services are provided in a safe and supportive space to all women – lesbian, bisexual, trans/gender non-conforming, queer or straight – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

In addition to our safe and supportive primary, GYN and mental health programs, Callen-Lorde also provides Care Coordination services for people who may need assistance in obtaining care outside of Callen-Lorde, including information regarding benefits and entitlements, and referrals to other supportive services. All services are provided regardless of ability to pay.

Primary Care

Comprehensive primary care and support services with referrals to specialty services as needed.

Chest/Breast Health

Click here to learn more about Mammograms and scheduling an appointment.

Pelvic/GYN Health

Routine wellness visits, safe and supportive pelvic exams and pap tests.

Family Planning

Pregnancy testing, pre-conception counseling, birth control (oral contraceptives, Nexplanon, IUD, Depo, NuvaRing, the patch), and emergency contraception.

Chest/Breast Health

Click here to learn more about Mammograms and scheduling an appointment.

Care Coordination

Support with benefits and entitlements applications (Family Planning Benefits Program, Medicaid, etc.), coordination of care within the clinic and referrals for other concrete and supportive services.

Mental Health Services

Individual and group counseling services to address depression, anxiety, healthy relationships and other needs.

Sexual Health/HIV/STI Care

Screening and treatment for STI’s and HIV prevention services including PrEP, PEP and more.


Sensitive and supportive primary care, cancer screenings, sexual health clinic and hormone therapy. For a full description of TGNB services, visit our Trans Health page.