Why I Run

On Saturday, April 1st, Callen-Lorde will hold the second annual Rainbow Run – a 5k/10k fun run / leisure walk along the Hudson River in support of our life-saving programs and services. Designed for all fitness levels and abilities, the Rainbow Run is a great opportunity to get active and get involved, meet friends and make new ones while raising funds for LGBTQ health and wellness!

We talked with one runner, Jaye Thomas Nelson, on why he runs. Last year was his first 5k and since then, he’s done *10* races! You can join Jaye and over 100 other friends on Saturday, April 1st by signing up at www.callen-lorde.org/rainbowrun. We hope to see you there!

Hi Jaye! We’re excited to have you join us again at the Rainbow Run! What has your experience with exercise been like in the past?

Quite honestly I’m not a huge fan of going to the gym and working out. That’s why I love running outdoors. It’s more than just exercise for me. It’s a way of exploring this amazing city we live in.

Have you ever run before?

I’ve run before but the 2016 Rainbow Run was my very first race. By the end of the year I completed a total of ten races!

Why did you decide to start?

Because I love to eat and hate going to the gym! Running is pretty much one of the only forms of exercise that I truly enjoy doing. Good thing too, or I may have had to find bigger jeans…

How do you train?

I use MapMyRun to log my progress and challenge myself, and I always warm up for about ten minutes before a run. Stretching before AND after is so important to avoid injuries.

Out of all the 5k/10ks in the city, why did you support the Rainbow Run?

I’d been wanting to try a 5k and when I saw the run it felt like a great opportunity to support my community. The Rainbow Run was not only my first run but it was the first time I got involved with Callen-Lorde.  From the Rainbow Run I got involved with a few other event/volunteer opportunities and also made a quite a few friends in the process.  I really truly am glad I signed up for the Rainbow Run because it lead to some other cool things throughout the year.

Any advice for people who are thinking about starting to run or joining the Rainbow Run?

I would say that running is one of the best forms of cardio, especially if you are doing it outside. Skip the treadmill! We have so many places in NYC to get out there and have a great scenic run or walk. Central Park and along the Hudson are some of my favorite trails.  Above all you can a little fresh air and some sun while you’re at it. It clears the mind too. New York City’s only free therapy! So sign up for The Rainbow Run – you never know where it may take you!

To sign up for the Rainbow Run, or to donate to support a runner or a fundraising team, please click here.

Jaye Thomas Nelson