Request for Proposal for Architectural and Engineering Consulting Services

CALLEN-LORDE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER requires Design Services for an Architectural and MEP / Structural Engineering assessment of the existing roofing system including design drawings, permitting criteria, structural retrofitting / replacement and design of a new 350-kilowatt natural gas fired emergency generator.

The scope of services shall include compiling a comprehensive assessment including A Basis of Design, 100% complete Design / Construction Drawings for a complete roof replacement including Bulkheads, associated parapet, coping and associated masonry repairs and / or replacement and related improvements and a complete and thorough design of a new emergency generator.

The new roof must meet design standards and codes in accordance with NYS and NYC Category 3 / ASCE Risk Category 3 (122-125 mph), hardening the building envelope against Category 3 hurricanes and wind-driven rain events, snow loads, and seismic events.

The new 350-kW natural gas-fired emergency generator must have a level of protection against a 180-year storm event and serve as a source of redundant power in the event of a power failure.

The CONSULTANT(S) must submit a Proposal that complies with all formatting and informational requirements for a FEMA Project.

2024-0422_CALLEN LORDE – RFP_FEMA_Final