Kristin Singleton-Ferrari

Kristin Singleton-Ferrari (she/her) discovered Callen-Lorde through a friend over a decade ago, a recommendation that would shape her healthcare journey profoundly.

Transitioning back to New York after spending years in Italy, where universal healthcare was the norm, Kristin found herself navigating the complexities of the American healthcare system when she met with an accident and urgently needed healthcare services. She vividly recalls her initial skepticism about affordability, but her concerns were alleviated by her friend’s assurance of the quality care provided by Callen-Lorde, eventually leading her to Dr. Eunmee Chun, whose compassionate care became pivotal in her life.

From addressing the aftermath of her accident to helping her navigate the intricacies of health insurance, Kristin was relieved to find comprehensive services offered under one roof at Callen-Lorde. “I was in my forties back when I first came in, and it was not easy to have to worry about finding doctors and referrals and all these other things,” says Kristin. One of the things she wishes she would tell her younger self is to not delay in seeking medical attention or dismissing symptoms. She stresses the significance of finding a healthcare provider like Dr. Chun who prioritizes individual needs and fosters a lifelong relationship built on trust. “Being at Callen-Lorde and finding services in one place really helped make my healthcare important to me.”

Reflecting on her journey, Kristen emphasized the importance of dispelling the stigma surrounding LGBTQ+ healthcare. To her, as a straight woman accessing care in a clinic that caters primarily to queer and trans community, quality healthcare transcends labels, offering a lifeline to individuals regardless of identity. She shares a heartfelt anecdote about a particularly stressful visit to the clinic, where Callen-Lorde staff’s kindness and understanding left a lasting impression. “Many years ago, I came in one day for a visit and I was over 20 minutes late to my appointment. I ended up having a panic attack in the waiting area, but everyone from the security guard to the front desk staff, comforted me, got me some water, and let me sit there.” In that moment of vulnerability, Callen-Lorde became a place where Kristin felt heard and supported. It is a feeling she has remained with her over the many years she has come to the clinic. “Walking into Callen-Lorde immediately feels like a safe and welcoming place. From the décor to the demeanor of the staff, they are like, ‘We got you. Don’t worry. We’ll figure it out.’ This is the kind of place I want to walk into and one of the reasons why I have kept coming back.”

With each visit, Kristin finds comfort in knowing that she has found a healthcare home—one that transcends the confines of traditional medical settings. Her journey encapsulates the essence of Callen-Lorde, a healthcare center where compassion meets professionalism and where every individual is embraced with open arms regardless of their identity.