Happy National Health Center Week! - Callen-Lorde

Happy National Health Center Week!

National Health Center Week 2023 (August 6-12) is a great time to celebrate our role in the community, our innovative and compassionate model of care and our rich history. This year’s theme is “Community Health Centers: The Roadmap to a Stronger America!” We can all take pride in the fact that community health centers, like Callen-Lorde, are part of our nation’s safety net system, which sprung directly from the community health and Civil Rights movements to ensure everyone would have access to high-quality healthcare. And we can also take pride in Callen-Lorde’s unique history and position as a community health center that serves a medically underserved population not centralized in one neighborhood like many of our sister clinics’ patients are rather we are providing affirming care to LGBTQ+ communities who come to us from New York and other areas (now more than ever given restrictions on gender-affirming care in a growing number of states).

We’ll be following some of the National Association of Community Health Center’s (NACHC) focus days throughout the week, so watch our socials for some special highlights and feel free to amplify.

~Patrick, Callen-Lorde’s new CEO