World Aids Day 2016 - Callen-Lorde

World Aids Day 2016

A Message from our Prevention Outreach Staff on World AIDS Day:

“Today is a special day for Callen-Lorde, our communities, and all who have helped lead the effort to end the HIV epidemic not only in New York City but around the globe. December 1st is World AIDS Day, a day to pay tribute to the lives of loved ones lost to the AIDS epidemic, to celebrate the lives of those who live with and/or are affected by HIV/AIDS, and to continue advocating for expansion and amplification of HIV/AIDS services worldwide.

For many years HIV prevention lacked options – it was condoms or HIV – and even today people living with HIV/AIDS across the globe lack the option of initiating treatment as soon as possible. Not too long ago, this was the reality here in the US, and with bold leadership, research and advocacy, our government took steps to address this issue. There were new guidelines recommending immediate treatment initiation for those who tested positive, and there was the approval of PrEP for negative people. The more options that people have to protect themselves the more likely they are to pick what is best for them. It is important to acknowledge the advantage we have over other countries, but it is even more important to acknowledge that our leadership may drive global policies that will improve the lives of all persons living with this virus.

The fight is not over until we defeat stigma. That is something that we can only fully attain by education, awareness and compassion. If we are all better informed and have an ample menu of options, then we are a step closer to eliminating the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS.

In honor of World AIDS Day, stop by for all-day free HIV testing, education materials, snacks, giveaways and more, along with an interactive art installation. 

We know how to eliminate AIDS, we know how to control HIV and we have more options than ever for keeping individuals negative.Together, we can end the epidemic!”

A snapshot of our HIV/AIDS efforts over the last year:

  • We performed 7,125 HIV tests for 5,392 people, ages 15-80.
  • Nearly 2,000 patients are currently using PrEP through Callen-Lorde to help prevent HIV infection.
  • We care for over 4,000 patients living with HIV/AIDS – the largest outpatient program in the State.
  • 9 out of 10 of our patients living with HIV/AIDS have acheived viral suppession, the second highest rate in the state. Acheiving viral suppression means you are less likely to have complications related to HIV, and less likely to transmit HIV to others.