Pride 2023: Empowering Health

Celebrate Pride with Callen-Lorde!

This year’s Pride theme is Empowering Health. Callen-Lorde aims to provide the tools and knowledge so that LGBTQ+ folks can take control of their own health and well-being. Providing the resources to make these choices activates LGBTQ+ communities to advocate for health equity, racial justice, and equal access to care, amidst a contentious political climate regarding LGBTQ+ autonomy.

We collaborated with Adam Dalton Blake, queer artist based in NYC, who helped make the theme come to life:

“In thinking about “Empowering Health”, I wanted to illuminate how as a community, we can empower ourselves, and by proxy others, to spread the message of what we want, need and deserve. In creating these graphics, I wanted to highlight the nature of guerilla activism with sticker tagging as an easy and effective way to use our voice, even in spaces where we might not feel safe to. Using all of our voices, I hope we can cover the world in our words and necessities so much that when people walk by a lightpost covered in stickers of our message, they stop and realize that our community is everywhere, and we have something real important to say.”

Become a Patient

We are currently welcoming new adult patients at Callen-Lorde Brooklyn, Callen-Lorde Bronx, and young adults ages 13-21 at our Health Outreach to Teens (HOTT) Program in Callen-Lorde Chelsea.

To become a patient, call  (212) 271-7200 or go to the New Patient page.

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Make a Gift

Make a gift to support our work! Donations of any size help us to provide health care to over 20,000 patients each year, regardless of ability to pay.

Join us at a Pride Event

We’ll be marching in Brooklyn Pride, the Dyke March, and the Queer Liberation March! There will also be many other community events like Youth Pride, Folsom East, Bronx Pride, Harlem Pride and more where Callen-Lorde will table or sponsor. All staff, family members, patients, friends, and community members are invited to take part. 

Join our Advocacy Efforts

Join a community of activists who want to advance LGBTQ+ health with Callen-Lorde! Through our Care with Action program, we’ll be asking you to show up to events and rallies, speak out about the importance of increasing access to care, and tell your story to help make change!