Express Your Health

Celebrate Pride with Callen-Lorde!

This year, we’re focusing on the importance of self-determination and bodily autonomy in promoting health and wellness with our theme, Express Your Health.

To bring our theme to life, we collaborated with queer NYC-based street artist Hugo Gyrl. As with many of the artists we’ve collaborated with, they have a personal connection to Callen-Lorde.

“I’ve been going to Callen-Lorde since I was a teen, so I was very excited,” Hugo said. “No one has stuck more q-tips in me! Seriously, Callen-Lorde has helped me a lot over the years, and I’m honored to make some art for this years’ Pride. Queer Healthcare is such a big part of Queer history; we have to keep these movements central to our focus or we become a rainbow-washed stale bagel. With ‘Express Your Health’ I wanted to give examples of activities that may help someone feel healthy while throwing in a touch of humor and drag campiness.”

This month and throughout the year, Callen-Lorde works to help our communities express their health to the fullest, through comprehensive primary care, sexual health care, behavioral health services, gender-affirming care, and more. Support our life-saving work and get involved!

March with us

We’ll be marching in Trans Day of Action, the NYC Dyke March, NYC Pride, the Queer Liberation March – and more! All staff, family members, patients, friends, and community members are invited to take part. Sign up to register – we’ll email march details prior to each event.

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Purchase a limited edition “Express Your Health” t-shirt featuring original art by queer NYC-based street artist, Hugo Gyrl, along with other Callen-Lorde merch including hats, totes, and more!

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Join our Advocacy Efforts

Join a community of activists who want to advance LGBTQ+ health with Callen-Lorde! Through our Care with Action program, we’ll be asking you to show up to events and rallies, speak out about the importance of increasing access to care, and tell your story to help make change!