PrEP on Demand


Get the 2-1-1 on PrEP On-Demand!

PrEP on-demand may be right for you if you:

  • Sometimes are not sexually active
  • Don’t always use condoms
  • Can’t afford daily PrEP
  • Do not want to take a pill everyday

What you need to know about PrEP on-demand:

  • It has only been studied in cisgender men who have sex with men
  • Descovy has not been studied for on-demand use and is not recommended
  • If you forget to take PrEP, emergency PEP can prevent HIV if taken within 72 hours of a possible exposure
  • Continue to get an HIV test every 3 months
  • Condoms provide additional protection against other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

For questions, call our PrEP hotline (212) 271-7200.