It's Time to Love. It's Time to March. - Callen-Lorde

It’s Time to Love. It’s Time to March.

Dearest community,

As we all know by now, an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida that was hosting Latin Night on the evening of the National Puerto Rican Parades was the target of a mass shooting this weekend.  At least fifty people’s lives were lost as a result of this heinous violence at Pulse Nightclub.

Around the country, many people are likely feeling fear as we face the world.  For some of us, facing the world is hard every day, as the threat of violence and hatred looms large.  Thank you for finding the strength and resilience today and every day to show up for yourself and for our communities.

Today and every day, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center stands for love and against hate, racism and trans/queer/homophobias.   We will continue to seek paths that best represent love and liberation.  Our efforts will include standing with our Muslim LGBTQ communities against the Islamophobia being injected into the narrative about these horrific events.  Our efforts will include articulating gun control as an LGBTQ health issue.  Our efforts will include continuing to dance, love, celebrate, and march even through our fear and despair.

As with many in our communities, some of those who lost their lives in Orlando may not have been out to families or at work, and their families may now be learning about their relatives’ identities as they learn of their passing.  Our work will also include reflecting compassion for those of us for whom the closet, in all of its manifestations, still beckons and shields.

As we continue to fight for our communities’ lives, some of us may need extra support.  Please reach out to someone in your world today and make a connection, or connect with one of our precious LGBTQ+ community organizations.

Additionally, we invite you to march with us on June 26th, in remembrance and mourning as well as in resilience and celebration.  Rise up and join us at the Heritage of Pride march. RSVP at

With love and gratitude and in solidarity,

The Board and Staff of Callen-Lorde

March 2