Nursing Appreciation Week 2020

Although we are grateful for our nurses every day, during National Nursing Appreciation (Week May 6th – 12th) we’d like to take an extra moment to recognize and celebrate our Nursing Department. From RNs, to LPNs, MAs, NPs and administrators, each member of our nursing team truly embodies the spirit of Callen-Lorde’s mission while providing the excellent care that our patients deserve.  

Their skill and commitment make lifesaving differences every day. Before the pandemic, our nursing team worked tirelessly administering immunizations and injections, triaging health concerns, performing HIV testing, taking vitals, educating patients, and providing medication support with a roll-up-our-sleeves-and-get-it-done attitude. Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our nurses continue to be on the frontlines. In our makeshift hotels, nurses are caring for our most vulnerable community members. Over the phone and through video calls, they are screening patients for the coronavirus and other urgent health needs. Our nurses are adapting to our patients evolving needs and ensuring that our patients are receiving high-quality care. 

There work is vital to our organization and we are lucky to have such a dedicated team. We are awe-inspired by each of you, and so deeply grateful for the work that you do. Please join us in thanking our Nursing Department!