National Health Center Week

August 8-14 is National Health Center Week – a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions of Community Health Centers across the country. This year’s theme is ‘Community Health Centers: The Chemistry for Strong Communities.’

Community Health Centers like Callen-Lorde are part of the fabric of safety-net providers resulting from the community health and civil rights movements to ensure people have access to high-quality healthcare. Typically, Community Health Centers are located in what are designated as “medically underserved areas,” generally bound by geography and usually home to low-income communities who have been historically and systemically excluded from access to affordable and competent care.  Callen-Lorde is unique in that we serve a medically underserved population that is not centralized in one neighborhood  – LGBTQ+ communities, who come to us from New York and surrounding areas, but also travel far and wide to receive our services.

Join us in celebrating National Health Center Week with one of these actions:

  1. Sign up for Care with Action – our new advocacy initiative to engage patients and community members in our efforts to advance health equity and racial justice.
  2. Help celebrate our incredible staff – give a shoutout to a staff member or the whole Callen-Lorde team!
  3. Tell us why LGBTQ+ health matters to you. We’ll share comments online to let healthcare experts and legislators know why services like Callen-Lorde’s are so essential.

Thank you for being a part of the Callen-Lorde community. Happy National Health Center Week!