We are now scheduling COVID-19 vaccines for any Callen-Lorde patient over the age of 18. To make an appointment, schedule online or call 212.271.7200. Click here for more information. 

Important Telehealth Changes

Due to the end of the COVID-19 state of emergency declaration in New York State, as of January 1, 2022, Callen-Lorde will no longer be able to treat patients via telehealth (video visits) who are outside the state of New York at the time of their visit. This applies to medical, behavioral health, psychiatry and behavioral health visits. If you are a Callen-Lorde patient currently residing outside of New York State, all medical, behavioral health, psychiatry and dental visits must either be in person or via telehealth (video visit) from within New York State as of January 1, 2022. We are proactively contacting patients who may be impacted by this change in policy to begin a transition plan for care by September 30, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this happening?

When the COVID-19 state of emergency in New York was enacted in March 2020, certain restrictions were lifted to allow healthcare providers to continue to provide care to patients. With the state of emergency ending, these restrictions are returning.

Can I keep my medical provider or mental health/behavioral health provider only?

This will apply to medical, behavioral health, psychiatry and dental providers.

I live in the tri-state area/in NJ/PA/CT - can I still do telehealth/video visits?

Video visits must be conducted from within New York State at the time of service. If you are in New York state at the time of your video visit, that is fine.

I live out-of-state but I can come in person for my Callen-Lorde appointments. Is that ok?

That is fine. We can see you in person regardless of which state you live in, but we can no longer do video visits from another state.

What if I am coming back to NYC in the next/couple of months?

You can remain a patient as long as you have the ability to attend future appointments in person/or via video visit from within New York state. Appointments after January 1, 2022 must be in person or the video visit must be from within New York State .

Can I change my insurance/self-pay to continue telehealth/virtual care from another state?

Unfortunately, no. It is ok to live in another state, but healthcare visits must be in person at a Callen-Lorde location OR via video visit from within New York State at the time of service.

What if I don’t have insurance in the state I am living in?

If you will be in a new state long-term, you should obtain insurance from that state.  You can visit healthcare.gov to see the Medicaid and public insurance options in your state. Community Health Centers are required to see patients regardless of ability to pay as well.

How will I find a new provider?  How will I be sure they are LGBTQ competent?

We are referring folks to the following resources:


HealthCare.gov – Public insurance and Medicaid options by state.

Out2Enroll – LGBTQ-affirming insurance navigation.

Medical Providers:

American Academy of HIV Medicine – Find an HIV provider by location.

CenterLink – Directory for LGBT centers, many of which have primary care and pro-bono providers listed.

MyTransHealth – TGNB-affirming medical and mental health providers.

National Association for Community Health Centers – Community Health Centers are required to care for folks regardless of ability to pay. Find one near you.

PleasePrEPMe – Search engine for PrEP and HIV services.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health – Directory for TGNB competent healthcare providers by specialty

Behavioral Health:

Association of LGBTQ Psychiatrists – Directory of LGBTQ+ affirming behavioral health providers.

MyTransHealth – TGNB-affirming medical and mental health providers.

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network – QTPoC mental health practitioner directory.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health – Directory for TGNB competent healthcare providers by specialty.

Additional Resources:

GALAP Directory – The gender-affirming letter access project, providing free and low-cost letters for gender-affirming access to medical care.

How can I get my records to a new provider?

Contact our Medical Records Department at records@callen-lorde.org or (212) 271-7137.

What if the state of emergency goes back into place?  Then can I stay a patient/see my provider remotely?

This is an ever-changing situation that we are constantly assessing. If the state of emergency goes back into place it is possible these rules will change, however, to avoid a disruption in your care you should begin to find a new provider in the state you are living in.

How can I contact my provider to discuss this?

You can send a message to your Clinical Care Team (which includes your provider) via the patient portal, or call our support team at (718) 215-1809.

If you have additional questions, contact our support team at (718) 215-1809 or leave a message below.