Self Swab Instructions for COVID-19 Viral Test

Callen-Lorde is offering Nasal Self Swabs as a less invasive way to collect specimens for COVID-19 viral testing that minimizes contagion and exposure.  Please review these instructions on how you will collect a self-swab sample at your visit:  
  • Insert the swab provided at least 1 cm (1/2 an inch) into the nostril
  • Press the swab against the inside of the nostril and rotate it
  • Hold the swab in place for 15 seconds
  • Repeat using the same swab in the opposite nostril 
  • Unscrew the specimen tube cap being careful not to spill the liquid inside
  • Place the swab inside the specimen tube
  • Snap the swab stick against the inside of the specimen tube, leaving the soft part of the swab stick inside the specimen tube
  • Screw the cap tightly back onto the specimen tube
  • Place in the specimen collection container
  • Clean your hands
Callen-Lorde nursing staff will be there to observe your self-swab should you have questions or need assistance