Transgender Health Training

Trainings for Patients, Educators & Providers

All programs may be tailored to fit the distinct needs of your group or organization. For more information, please contact us at (212) 271-7291 or

Transgender Sexual Health Clinic: A Model for Creating Inclusive Care

This workshop will discuss Callen-Lorde’s work to create a Transgender Sexual Health Clinic recognizing that trans people face challenges, discomfort, and trauma in accessing sexual health services. We will share a model of affirmative transgender sexual health care and help educate and empower participants to defend YOUR health!

How to Provide Sensitive, Affirmative, and Informed Transgender Health Care: From the Front Desk to the Clinician Level

As the “T” often gets grouped in with the “LGB” without necessary understanding and resources, this workshop will help participants understand the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity and how transphobia affects many aspects of a health center or social service organization. This workshop will explore barriers to care for the transgender community from disrespectful pronoun use to insensitive environments to denial of care.

Defend Your Health: Sexual Health for Trans Men

Learn about Callen-Lorde’s work to create a Transgender Sexual Health Clinic in order to provide trans-affirmative, sex-positive healthcare and gynecology services in a supportive environment. We will cover such topics as chest health, pelvic exams, STI screenings and treatment, health risks, hormones, and ways to talk to your health care provider.

Closing the Gap: A Tailored Team Approach to Prevention, Screening, and Treatment for Transgender Communities

This workshop is designed to help participants learn from Callen-Lorde’s experience creating a tailored Transgender Sexual Health Clinic, including prevention, screening and treatment. Sharing this model is incredibly important to providing essential prevention and outreach services to this underserved, at risk population.

A Model of Supportive Care for Transgender Youth

This workshop is designed to help participants learn from Callen-Lorde’s successes and challenges establishing and implementing a transgender protocol for youth. We will discuss promising practices in: developing a framework for working with trans clients that maximizes their empowerment and safety as consumers, providing a full medical evaluation in an environment that is clean, safe, supportive and of low cost, exploring clients’ understanding of the dimensions of sex, gender role and sexuality in their own lives, supporting harm reduction in balance with a limited distribution of resources, and including and educating family and significant others whenever possible.