Languages: English, Spanish

Locations: Chelsea

Types: Adolescent Health (HOTT)

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Uri Belkind, MD, MS, FAAP, AAHIVS

Associate Director, Adolescent Health (Health Outreach to Teens)

Pronouns: He/Him

Specialized in Adolescent Medicine, Uri (He/Him) is the Associate Director of Medicine for Adolescent Medicine and has been the Clinical Director of the Health Outreach to Teens (HOTT) program located in our Chelsea site since 2015. Uri provides care to all youth aged 13 to 24 years with special interest in HIV treatment and prevention, sexual and reproductive health, and transgender health. He has shared his expertise in national and international scientific meetings and collaborations with organizations such as WHO/PAHO, participates in various research studies, has authored book chapters, and has collaborated with the NYS DOH AIDS Institute Guidelines Program to provide guidance for the care of adolescents living with or at-risk for HIV. Born and raised in Mexico City, he is fluent in Spanish and English.