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The Health Club

Think of it like your monthly gym membership, but instead of taking care of just yourself, you are taking care of an entire community.

Our community.

Membership begins with a donation of just $5/month ($60 per year).

The more you give, the more everyone gets!

Up to $99 per year/minimum $5 per month:

Regular updates and e-news

$100 per year/$8.34 per month – previous benefits PLUS:

Invitation to join us at the New York City Pride March

$250 per year/$20.84 per month – previous benefits PLUS:

Listing in our annual report

$500 per year/ $41.67 per month – previous benefits PLUS:

Callen-Lorde tote bag

$1,000 per year/$83.34 per month – previous benefits PLUS:

Howard J. Brown Society Membership

Listing in the Community Health Awards Program

Invitations to major donor receptions and special events