Jacqueline Neber, Author at Callen-Lorde

Author: Jacqueline Neber

  • July 22, 2024

    An inside look into Callen-Lorde’s 2024 budget advocacy

    Callen-Lorde’s advocacy work makes a tangible impact on city policy and funding efforts for LGBTQ+ health. However, advocacy often isn’t a transparent endeavor. We’ve broken down the timeline of our engagement this spring, which centered around fighting for city funding for HIV services, to provide an inside look into how Callen-Lorde makes a difference.  January: […]

  • July 9, 2024

    Callen-Lorde’s 2024 Pride month impact

    Throughout June, Callen-Lorde staff helped spread and amplify the organization’s lifesaving mission and care all over the city. Staff marched in Pride parades, tabled at events, hosted National HIV Testing Day, spoke at panels and so much more. Here’s just a sample of the work Callen-Lorde has done in the last month: June 6: Educating […]

  • July 3, 2024

    Callen-Lorde hosts National HIV Testing Day festivities in Union Square

    Callen-Lorde commemorated National HIV Testing Day on Tuesday, June 25 in partnership with New York Knows and Gilead HIV in Union Square. The event aims to raise awareness of available HIV testing and help the public understand that when patients get treatment and become undetectable, they can no longer transmit the virus to others, slowing […]

  • June 24, 2024

    Trichophyton mentagrophytes type VII (TMVII) Information

    In the wake of TMVII’s recent emergence in New York, Callen-Lorde providers are encouraging patients to be vigilant as they celebrate this summer.  Don’t panic, but stay diligent  You should still be able to enjoy summer parties–just be aware of what’s happening with your body. If you notice symptoms similar to ringworm or unexplained rashes, […]