Rapid HIV Testing

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Rapid Testing

  • OraQuick® Advance is a rapid HIV test with results available in 20 minutes.
  • OraQuick® Advance requires only a single drop of blood. A small lancet (a needle) is used to prick the fingertip to obtain the sample for the test.
  • OraQuick® Advance is considered to be 99.6% accurate
  • Although test results are available in 20 minutes, depending on the appointment type, it may last between 40 to 60 minutes
  • All testing at Callen-Lorde is confidential. For an anonymous testing location, ask the front desk staff or call 1-800- TALK-HIV.
  • A positive result from an Oraquick test is a preliminary result and is followed by a second, confirmatory test.

At Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, we believe everyone should know their HIV status. That means every person, regardless of risk, should be tested for HIV and a part of routine lab screening like any other blood work that is done during an annual physical exam.

Patients do not have to have an HIV test, but will be offered an HIV test during most routine medical visits for your convenience. Callen-Lorde will also continue to have HIV Counseling & Testing appointments and patients can opt to test through those appointments.

If you test positive for HIV at Callen-Lorde, we will offer you medical, case coordination, and mental health services to help keep you healthy.

Our Approach

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center is sex positive. We understand the importance of a full and satisfying sex life. While trying to help you reduce your risks, our counselors remain non-judgmental and supportive. Callen-Lorde can meet your comprehensive health needs whether you are HIV positive or negative and regardless of ability to pay. We encourage everyone to obtain routine and preventive health care, including HIV testing.

Callen-Lorde believes that rapid testing for HIV is an important advance in prevention and early treatment of HIV disease. We are committed to offering HIV testing in a supportive and professional manner for our community.