Mental Health

For patients receiving medical care at Callen-Lorde, our Mental Health team offers individual and group counseling to support your emotional and physical well-being. Callen-Lorde is committed to providing services that are affirmative, sex-positive, culturally sensitive, consistent with risk reduction principles, and that promote patient self-determination.

Please note, our Mental Health Services are located at 230 West 17th St, just around the corner from our 18th St location.

Mental Health services offered include:

Mental Health Consultation/Individual Counseling

Patients engaged in medical care at Callen-Lorde who have Medicaid, Medicare, Healthfirst, ADAP, Amidacare, or Metroplus insurance can receive short-term individualized counseling, or, receive a referral to another provider who may better meet your needs.

Transgender Counseling and Education

The Transgender Counseling and Education session aims to offer specialized information and support to Callen-Lorde patients of transgender experience, including information and support on Hormone Therapy.

Substance Use Assessment and Referral

If you have concerns about your drug, alcohol, sex and/or internet use, a counselor can connect you to the help you need. The service is flexible. Whether you are looking to reduce your use or completely stop, our counselor can offer you a range of referrals.

Psychiatric Services

Our staff psychiatrists are primarily available for an initial evaluation visit and follow-up visits based on your needs. A referral to our psychiatrist is usually made by your medical or mental health provider if they and you think medication may help your mental health problems.

Support Groups

We offer a range of groups providing support and counseling in a variety of areas. Our support groups are open to anyone who is a medical patient at Callen-Lorde, regardless of their insurance coverage. For a list of current groups, click here: Support Groups at Callen Lorde

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